15. Jän. 2018

Open Lecture: Space Radiation Environment

When?        15 January, 12-1.30 pm
Where?Lecture Hall 4

The ionizing radiation in space is caused by different sources. The three main sources are the Van Allen radiation belts, the solar energetic particle events, and the galactic cosmic radiation. The harsh space radiation environment causes significant effects on humans but also causes failures in electronics and other systems. Electronics used in that environment need to be investigated according to these effects. The lecture will give an overview about the components of space radiation that are of concern and will focus on effects to electronics. Further a brief insight into the testing of electronic parts and systems will be given.

Lecturer:  DI Dr. Peter Beck
                  Head Radiation Hardness Assurance and Space Weather,
                  Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, Austria

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