Intercultural experience

International programme for Incomings

The International Office offers several courses exclusively for our guest students free of charge on a voluntary basis.

  • Introduction to Austria, 2 ECTS

You want to familiarise with Austrian culture, lifestyle and history? Get to know other exchange students?
Group dynamics and cultural awareness are built through teambuilding activities & a group project. The course is blocked during the first weeks.

  • Intercultural Business Skills, 4 ECTS

The class sharpens intercultural competences and improves cross-cultural capabilities. Students gain an introductory level of presentation skills and solve intercultural business problems by applying case studies. Critiquing abilities, i.e giving and receiving feedback play an essential part throughout the course.

  • German Crash, 2 ECTS / German for Incomings, 5 ECTS

As an introduction to the German language, you will have the opportunity to attend intensive German language courses, both at three different levels.

German Crash is blocked during the first week, German for Incomings is a regular course during the whole semester. Depending on your knowlegde the lecturer will advise you to take part in level I, II or III. These classes are not only designed to teach language skills, they also aim to provide participants with an understanding of Austrian life and culture.

Participation in international events is included: European Day of languages, International Fair (both during fall semester) - Open Day, Incomings meet Outgoings (both during spring semester)

The German language course throughout the semester can lead to the so-called "Österreichisches Sprachdiplom". This certification is provided by the Austrian Ministry of Education and recognized by the European Commission.

  • French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, English (each 2 ECTS)

The Department of Languages offers you the possibility to learn several languages from the beginning or deepen your knowledge in the respective language. Courses are at no cost. A minimum number of participants is requested.

  •  Tandem learning
One-to-one language coaching - also called Tandem learning - is possible in several languages. This method gives international students an opportunity to improve their foreign language skills through a series of one-on-one conversation sessions, eg. German-English, English-Spanish, Chinese-Portuguese. Contact the Department of Languages for more information.


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