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Mission Statement

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, is a regionally anchored institute of higher education offering broad, future oriented, innovative and qualitative high class education and research programmes.

Quality is the measure of our educational activities. We therefore fulfil our core duties and responsibilities combining appropriate seriousness and reliability with high standards of competency and long experience.

Guiding Principle

The guiding principle of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt is the “Constitution” and as such binding for all employees and students. Our values and principles of activity are expressed within this constitution.

The core statements of our guiding principle are expressed within 10 guidelines for intellectual ability and efficiency processes within the university. Following these, in more detail, are concepts for our core competencies (educational concept, R&D) supplementing our overall strategy.

Guideline Human Resources

We are aware of the importance of our employees: they hold the key to our success; they are the foundations of our institution. We do what we do; we are what we are thanks to them! For this reason we support and further their advancement and offer attractive perspectives and working conditions for professional objectives at the university. We use only the most professional instrumentation for all personnel related tasks and activities.

Guideline Intra – Organisatorial Capital

We are committed to economic principles. Our financial means are put to use responsibly in the interest of our organisation and we put them to use with the aim of creating structures for a successful and lasting development of the university. In this manner we facilitate optimal working conditions for students, lecturers and researchers

Continual improvements, new ideas and communicated objectives are the pre-requisites for sustainable success. We ensure a functioning quality assurance system and create effective communication and evaluation instruments for the objectives to be achieved.

Guideline Interrelations

Close contact to our graduates, the business world and partner universities as well as active participation in the scientific community are our guarantee for actuality, practical orientation, internationality and scientific concepts.

Our students are our most important partners. Our efforts for them and their concerns are of the very highest priority

Guideline Teaching

The high quality of our teaching is the basis of our success and that of our students. We ensure this quality through qualified lecturers and by actively supporting students’ self dependent academic development.

The strength of our educational training lies in the combination of economically based, research conducted and practically oriented teaching. Our students can be sure that that their educational training contains all of these elements, is equivalent to highest academic standards and takes into account job market as well as self employment challenges.

Guidelines Research & Development

Research & Development at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt is of great benefit and is a core process. Its purpose is the generation of new knowledge, it is study programme based, practically oriented, utilisable and the indispensible basis for research conducted teaching. In particular, the necessary teaching knowledge required when regarding problem solutions inspire us to ever new R&D activities.

Five science disciplines under one roof are of great competition advantage. Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation we can offer an advantage which we put to use for the wellbeing of our students and partners in teaching and R&D

Our students are an important part of our human resources. They develop and produce valuable knowledge for the community, for the economy, science and the job market. This is why we support them professionally during their dissertation, actively bind them into R&D and support collegiate projects.

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