Success factor competency development

In today’s business world, next to hard facts, well founded specialist knowledge and business management know -how, such things as personal characteristics -so called soft skills- personal attitudes and mind sets as well as social competency in interaction with colleagues and employees are of ever increasing importance.

The Institute for personal development communicates to students these skills and competencies and supports the moulding of individual personal characteristics, hereby giving students a real head start for the competitive business world.

The combination of specialist and methodical knowledge as well as interdisciplinary, behaviour specific competencies is the triad from which professional activities originate.

The objectives of the Institute for personal development result therefore from this basic understanding:

    • The sharpening of awareness for the adoption of perspectives in the  I-GROUP-OBJECTIVE  triangle in a business management context
    • The communication of learnable methodical skills required for a behavioural repertoire in professional counselling and which are relevant for the specialisations in the chosen occupational profile
    • The use of these interdisciplinary competencies in study specialist areas in business as well as in a student environment
    • Better competitive abilities on the job market thanks to supplementary subject specific know-how with regard to personal and socio-communicative competencies
Head of Institute
Prof. (FH) Dr. Elfie Hofer
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