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Photo Competition

Outgoing students participating in a study exchange programme have the possibility to take part in our Photo Competition. Exceptional photographs will be awarded and published.

US, Elon UniversityUS, Elon University
BWBV - Braun Vorname Elon Women Rugby Club

Photo Competition Rules

> Students are requested to send three photos.
> Photos should be high resolution and should not be manipulated in any way.
All entries must be photographs taken by the exchange student while on exchange.
> All entries must be submitted digitally to
> Each photo should be accompanied by a short description.
> Judging will be conducted by International Office staff members.
> Winners will be informed by email.
> All copyright and title to all entered photographs remains with the photographer in its entirety. However, the photographer
   grants to FH WN rights to reproduction and exhibition of all images submitted. These rights include but are not limited to:
   publishing photographs in print and electronic form and the right to use the photographer's name alongside the photograph.

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