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FHWN students participating in our worldwide exchange programme share their experiences:

KOREA * Yonsei University

Stefanie Poschinger * Bachelor Business Consultancy International * Fall 2018


"I’ve only come back from my exchange semester at Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea a few weeks ago but I’m already planning a holiday there again. A good sign? I think so too! My exchange was everything I’d hoped for and so much more. I’ve met amazing people, tried the best staples of the Korean cuisine and I’ve had the time of my life.

Yonsei University is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, which not only offers a beautiful campus next to one of the hippest areas of Seoul, excellent academic courses but also an experience which I wouldn’t want to miss for a second.

In Seoul almost everything is 24/7 which means you can buy a snack at 3am at your local convenience store, sing karaoke or have Korean BBQ. Especially the area around Yonsei University is full of students as several other universities are around which offers a lot of choices for the younger generations of Koreans and foreign exchange students.

So if you are looking for excellent academic choices, a beautiful campus in an area which offers everything you could possibly ask for 24/7, then Seoul is the right choice for you!"

USA * Drake University

Elisabeth Neuhofer * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2016


I have always dreamt of living in the USA, so when I chose Drake University, my priorities were the good academical reputation and the diversity of students’ background. The classes are small and the teachers know your name and who you are. The university has close links to a lot of companies, the semester projects are in corporation with local and national companies. In your leisure time you can join one of the 160 organizations on campus, visit cultural events in the city or use the two gyms, the indoor pool and the fitness classes for free. For project works you can meet your colleagues at one of the two Starbucks coffee shops on campus or at the library which are equipped with countless Apple computers and a considerable number of books. I will never forget my time at Drake and I can only recommend this University.

FINLAND * Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Karin Geppl * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2016


During the winter semester 2016 Helsinki has become my second home. An exchange semester has so many advantages and it is a great opportunity to achieve personal development. I am so thankful for this awesome experience, because I grew little through learning from other cultures and different point of views every day.

Haaga-Helia is one of the leading business schools in Finland and it is also well known for its multicultural learning community which is caused by the high number of international degree students. I really like the fact, that this university attaches importance to group work and that some projects are in cooperation with real companies.

Apart from university life exchange students have the chance to travel a little bit around.  The student organisation ESN organizes trips to St.Petersburg, Lapland, Tallinn and Riga. My favourite trip was the one to Lapland: Dogsleeding, watching reindeers and meeting Santa Claus – it was an unique experience I will never forget.

JAPAN * Kansai Gaidai University 

Christian Bydlinski  * Bachelor Business Consultancy International  * Fall 2016


I decided to spend my semester abroad in Japan due to my fascination with Japanese culture and because it struck me as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and study in a country so radically different from my own.  Despite the location, however, most of my teachers were American and incorporated a very interactive and hands-on teaching style. In marketing class, for example, we cooperated with an actual Japanese company on a project, while negotiation class placed a great deal of emphasis on acting out and practicing newly-learned negotiation techniques in pairs or teams. Only the Japanese language course was taught by a local professor, which was helpful because a large part of it consisted of speaking.

Geographically, Kansai Gaidai University is located right between busy port town Osaka and picturesque historical city Kyoto. This is perfect for travelling since each one of those cultural hotspots is only about a thirty-minute train ride away. Furthermore, I also travelled to more distant locations, such as the idyllic islands of Okinawa, the bustling capital city Tokyo and even the highest point of Japan, the top of Mount Fuji.

Personally, I think everyone should take the opportunity of studying abroad since it is the perfect way to become familiar with foreign cultures, broaden one’s horizon and grow as a person. Additionally, I am pretty sure an exchange semester will look good on any curriculum vitae.

UNITED KINGDOM * University of Cumbria

Kerstin Köstinger  * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2016


I chose to study abroad in the United Kingdom because I wanted to improve my English speaking skills and gain new experiences. I met lovely people in Lancaster and we became good friends - it almost felt like we were a big family! 

What I enjoyed most was that I had plenty of leisure time at my University and of course I took every opportunity to travel around. I discovered Manchester, Liverpool, London, Birmingham & Edinburgh (Scotland) only 3 months staying abroad! 

Studying in Lancaster was an amazing experience for me and I would immediately do it again! 

SPAIN * Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Victoria Legenstein  *  Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2016


I chose to study in Spain because I've always had a special interest in the Spanish country and culture. The people are friendly and helpful and I just liked the atmosphere in Spain a lot. Madrid is a wonderful big city which has a lot to offer, especially for young people. The exchange semester allowed me to meet new people from different countries and to improve both my English and Spanish. During my stay I travelled a lot and visited some other cities in Spain such as Zaragoza, Granada, Malaga and Valencia. 

Altogether it was a great experience and a time I will never forget.

 KOREA * University of Seoul

Adriana Klukova  * Master Business Consultancy International * Spring 2016 

Having spent one semester in Seoul, South Korea I can conclude that I could not have made a better decision when selecting the place for my exchange semester. I enjoyed learning the Korean language, meeting new people and visiting various traditional places. There is always something to do in Seoul, from activities such as hiking, sightseeing, visiting various cafes - like dog or sheep cafe, to eating octopus at the fish market. A perfect way of conquering the places and moving around was via the UoS Buddy system. This system is designed for exchange students, where every student is assigned a Korean "buddy" person who shows you around, teaches you Korean language, helps you to navigate yourself around the campus and recommends you places to visit. During the whole semester, the buddies filled out our schedules and made our stay an unforgettable experience.

To conclude, I would say that Seoul has definitely a lot to offer and when you are a person who likes to discover new cultures, learn a new language and travel within Asia, Seoul would be a great choice for you.

ICELAND * University Bifröst 

Magalena Brückler  * Master Wirtschaftsberatung & Unternehmensführung * Spring 2016 

For me Iceland was the most interesting and attractive country to study in. The stay in Bifröst and the courses and activities offered by the university helped fulfilling my dreams. I’ve learnt a lot about cultures (my own, the Icelandic and also others), about different learning approaches and of course about myself. The special Icelandic way of life, Bifröst’s inhabitants and all the other exchange students mixed with the most breath-taking wonders of nature made my stay there unique. 

I’ve spent a wonderful and memorable time in Iceland and I can only recommend every student of our university to use the chance of studying in Bifröst. Kveðja. 

SPAIN * Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Schoßmann Verena Johanna  * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2015

When I applied for the exchange semester, Madrid was not my first choice but I am so thankful that I got the chance to live there for 6 months – it was one of the best experiences I had so far. Madrid is one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to and I would recommend everybody to spend the exchange semester in this city…..that literally never sleeps :) Madrid is also a perfect city if you want to travel through Spain and even Portugal. There is an organization at ‘Universidad Carlos III’ which organizes trips to different cities in Spain for exchange students.

I met so many interesting people from all over the world and Madrileños are very welcoming people who definitely know how to have fun in life.
Furthermore the university courses were of high quality – so there was loads of studying to do.

USA * Oglethorpe University 

Neumayr Carmen * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2015

I really enjoyed my stay at Oglethorpe University. It is a very pretty place in the heart of Atlanta. It is a very small university that is known for their small classes. Teachers know their students by name. That makes it very personal. You also get insights of the American way of life. You get to know so many people, not only American’s but from all over the world.

 It was an unforgettable experience!

THE NETHERLANDS * HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 

Anna Braunegger * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2015

I can recommend Utrecht to anyone, who has ever dreamed of conquering this beautiful country by bicycle. The friendliness and welcoming nature of my fellow students, the cute cafés next to the canals and the central location of the city are the perfect combination to explore the country. This makes Urecht a magnet for international students. Not only did I learn about the Dutch culture during my semester abroad, I also got to know a lot of new friends from all over the world. I would definitely go on exchange again as I gained many new views and insights.

CANADA * Okanagan College

Falb Michaela * Bachelor Produktmarketing & Projektmanagement * Fall 2015

I have chosen the Okanagan College in Kelowna, CA because I always wanted to go abroad to an English speaking country and furthermore I heard how beautiful the country is and how nice the Canadians are. Hence this exchange semester was a huge opportunity for me to become more fluent in English and I am not afraid anymore to communicate in English. Kelowna is a great city with such positive spirit and wonderful people. I met so many great people from Kelowna, as well as from all over the world. Beside the huge selection of leisure time activities (swimming in the lake, skiing, ice skating, hiking …) I really appreciated the courses and the way of teaching at the OC College. During an exchange semester you will grow as a person and you will get to know yourself and other cultures better.

US * Wichita State University

Andreas Negedly * Bachelor Wirtschaftsingenieur * Fall 2015
Alexander Maurer * Bachelor Mechatronik * Fall 2015

Alexander and I were offered the opportunity to spend the 3rd semester of our undergraduate studies at Wichita State University in the US. From the beginning on, we were fascinated by the friendliness of the locals. We also enjoyed the courses a lot, and were impressed by the way the professors connect with the students. All of the faculty and student body that we met did very well in leading us in the right direction for whatever we needed

With a diverse line-up of fitness, recreation and leisure activities, Campus Recreation at Wichita State University is outstanding. Among other things, you can find an indoor swimming pool, a climbing hall and a gym. These facilities are available to all students free of charge. Of course, we took the opportunity to get to know parts of the United States, and thus we travelled to New York City, Washington DC and Nebraska. Upon return from our semester abroad, we can conclude that we got the chance to witness a completely new way of life. We met new lifelong friends from different backgrounds, improved our English language skills and last but not least, tested our ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to solve problems.

FINLAND * Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences

Kretz Luca * Bachelor Wirtschaftsberatung * Fall 2015

It all started with a long list of universities that I could choose for my semester abroad. I ranked Haaga Helia at the bottom (and got it assigned) as I knew nothing about the beautiful landscape, the peculiar language and the restrained but heartfelt Finns. The university is very well prepared to accommodate exchange students and takes good care of them with a lot of commitment and support, on and off the campus. The courses I have chosen left a lasting impression with a loose working environment and versatile teaching methods. The Finnish educational system has definitely confirmed its reputation. 

I would like to recommend Finland to everyone who is interested in travelling. Many trips were organized and thus the opportunity arose to explore 4 other countries (Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden) in an inexpensive way. The ultimate highlight was a trip to the North of Finland, where we fed reindeer, cuddled with huskies and gazed in amazement at the northern lights. In the end Haaga Helia turned out to be my best choice!

JAPAN * Kansai Gadai University

Krebs Anna * Bachelor Business Consultancy International * Fall 2015

The semester is coming to an end and soon I will be back in Austria, and soon after back at the FH Wiener Neustadt. Right now, however, I am still in Osaka, Japan, where I have been studying this semester.

Kansai Gaidai offers a well-organised, refined programme for its international students. This includes an orientation week, during which important issues concerning living in Japan are touched upon, various cultural events and trips, enabling students to familiarise themselves with Japanese culture and last but not least lecture courses related to the respective majors as well as Japanese courses. Local professors and students visibly enjoy working and spending time with international students, which has made this stay a very good one. My semester in Japan has been such a great experience not only because of the travelling in Japan and Korea I was able to do, which allowed me to get to know the cuisine, culture, language and people, but also because it was incredibly enriching to spend four months in another country.

It was definitely challenging to become accustomed to certain cultural differences and also to overcome the language barrier. Those “difficulties”, however, are what make an exchange semester so valuable. Being confronted with new challenges, being able to assert yourself and learn new things about others and yourself are all part of that. To anybody who has the chance to spend time in another country, I would definitely recommend taking it. The only condition you need to meet in order to make your semester abroad a successful one, is your willingness to constantly learn something new.

CHINA * Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics

Kulmer Elisabeth * Bachelor Business Consultancy International * Fall 2014

My dream was to learn Chinese quickly and efficiently and to dive into a new culture which could not be more different from what we are used to in Austria. Therefore I was more than excited to spend my exchange semester in Nanchang, China. After more than five months in China, I can conclude that life in such an exotic culture is not only fascinating but has also taught me to be more tolerant and patient. I can only recommend such an adventure to any student who is open to new ideas and who wants to take the chance to experience the incredibly diverse Chinese culture at first hand.

US *Drake University

Cap Ondrej * Master Business Consultancy International * Spring 2015

I always wanted to experience college life in the US. Drake University was the only option in the US during my exchange semester, so the decision was easy to be made. Moreover, the school was recommended to me by a friend of mine, who studied there before. I really have to say it was one of the best time of my life! You should know that it is absolutely up to you what experience you will get. When I was sitting on the plane on my way there, I decided to get absolutely maximum out of it, so I did. Make the step, apply, go through all the processes and documents, get to Drake and worker at least as hard as I did. Join all possible organisations, meet a lot of people, make new friends and enjoy your time.


Putzenlechner Patricia * Bachelor Wirtschaftsberatung * Fall 2014 

Mon semestre à Paris – une expérience que je ne vais jamais oublier.

7 years after my first visit in the capital of France, my wish finally came true: to live in Paris one day. Paris is the ideal city for a semester abroad as it offers numerous possibilties besides the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Élysées such as cafés, museums, theatres, the Paris Fashion Week and other hidden sights. Even when you have had enough from the city of love, the TGV helps you to discover other French cities or neighbouring countries. The 3,5 months flew by so fast and I am grateful for every experience I have made in this city. Paris will always be the most beautiful city in the world for me.

FRANCE * ESDES Lyon Business School

Tercioglu Tugce * Master Business Consultancy International * Spring 2015

Spending a semester abroad in Lyon was one of the best decisions I have ever made. During this experience, I learned a lot about myself while trying to adapt to an environment beyond my comfort zone. I also had the opportunity to experience a different style of education from highly qualified native English-speaking professors at ESDES Business School. Overall, it was a truly special experience that not only contributed to my personal growth and intercultural development, but also helped me make lifelong friends from all over the world. I strongly recommend Lyon as an exchange destination to anyone who would like to live in a beautiful French city, which easily allows you to travel and experience more of France.

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