Business Management

Doing business-understand. experience. consult.

The business degree programme for all 

consultants, entrepreneurs, and job beginners/upgraders/changers

For career starters: the bachelor degree programme "Business Consultancy" (in German) offers the ideal preparation for a variety of business related jobs in companies of all sectors..

For professionals: the extra-occupational bachelor degree programme "Business Consultancy" (in German) offers opportunities to acquire professionally relevant competencies for the next step in your career planning.

The degree programme at a glance

  • Fundamentals of business management and economics with high practical relevance
  • 2 specialisations of choice
  • Social- and consultancy competencies as key factors for success
  • Optional exchange semester abroad (in the 3rd semester)
  • Internship at home or abroad (full-time programme, in the 6th semester)
  • Excellent job perspetives
  • FIBAA accredited

KnowHow through practice 

Starting with the 1st semester, you work with real-life case studies in order to make tangible the theories and concepts learned about in lectures an through the study of literature.

Our students are highly satisfied

Our student surveys show how highly satisfied they are thank to the close ties with our lecturers and other students within a well-organized study programme.

An efficient set up of processes and support structures allows you focusing on your studies and concluding them in minimum study duration of 3 years.

About 96 % of our graduates would choose this degree programme again.

This programme prepares you for the future.

We are looking forward to your application!

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