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Consumer Affairs

The master programme focuses on transferring the latest knowledge and skills that are crucial for market analysis and consumers as buyers, users, and disposers of consumer goods. The interdisciplinary concept provides students with the knowledge about the topic "Consumer - Product - Market". This enables graduates to identify consumer information and transfer it to innovative and competitive products and services, as well as solutions for sustainable consumption and consumer protection. Furthermore, non-material topics, such as the reactions and preferences of citizens towards social phenomena, and consumer protection are among the central topics of this master programme. The focus lies on the classical methodological competences about qualitative and quantitative market and consumer research,which analyse and provide complete images of conscious and unconscious perceptions, motivations, and decision-making processes of consumers.

Consumers are observed in their everyday life - how do they shop, how do they utilize the media, how do they use products, how do they spend their free time, and which values are relevant when shopping. Moreover, new tools and methods in consumer research are covered: Guerilla Research, Mystery Shopping, Shadowing, Netnography, Situation Observation, etc. Consumers are observed on-site, where they actually use and consume products and services. 

Dr. Astin Malschinger, Campus Management 
„On our Marketing-Campus, we educate Market and Consumer Researchers with a modern competence profile. In a dynamic business environment companies and institutions require such experts, who are able to combine market needs with the capabilities of companies in order to develop effective solutions."

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