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Facilitating and researching occupation

At the Faculty of Health, human beings and their individual needs are the main focuses of the 6 semester, full time bachelor degree programme “Occupation Therapy”.  During your studies you will become acquainted with both the practical and case oriented complete occupational therapy process - from problem identification to the analysis of occupations to their documentation and reflection. Occupational therapeutics, medical knowledge and skills as well as other relevant disciplines are the contents of this degree programme. You will learn directly by practical therapeutic interventions with clients, and be individually supervised by a lecturing team. Practical internships and projects in chosen occupational areas link theory and practical training from the 2nd semester on.

In the degree programme “Occupational Therapy” you will profit from a European network via the “European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education” (ENOTHE), from international student projects, as well as from international lectures.

What is “Occupational Therapy” ?
"Occupational Therapy" is a client centred health care profession, which promotes health and well being through activity and occupation. The occupational therapy goal is to assist and support individuals to successfully manage their everyday activities. Occupational therapists attain this goal by assisting and supporting individuals to lead a meaningful life. The client’s individual living environment is taken into account or adapted so that it is possible to take part in everyday social life.
Occupational therapists work with people of all ages, including people with physical restrictions- or functions after illness- or those who are otherwise restricted in social participation. Occupational therapy clients can be individuals, families, groups, communities, organizations and population groups.

Entry requirements:Details
Length:6 Semesters
Organisational form:Full time
Degree:BSc (Bachelor of Sciences in Health Studies)

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