Designing the future

The first comprehensive further training course in the German speaking countries of Europe!

You would like to improve your knowledge in “Zytologischer Morphologie” (Cytological Morphology), you need to freshen up or need specific knowledge in the areas of quality management, administration and healthcare economics? The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt course “Gynäkologische Zytodiagnostik” communicates to you through practical training, the knowledge you need to enable you to take an active part in the designing of the future of “Zytodiagnostik”.

“Gynäkologische Zytodiagnostik” is an additional specialisation in the occupational area of “Biomedical Analysis”. During a total of two part- time semesters with lectures in 5 blocked modules (each from Feb. – June) you can attain the qualification of "Akademische(r) ZytotechnikerIn" (Academic Cyto-Technician) with specialisation in “Gynäkologische Zytodiagnostik”

Length:2 Semesters
Organisational form:Part time
Degree:"Akademische/r Zytotechniker/in"
Cost:€ 2.500/Semester

Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt für Wirtschaft und Technik GmbH

Infocenter P: +43(0)2622/89 084-0 F: +43(0)2622/89 084-99

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