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Mandatory Internship

Within the framework of Bachelor studies at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt an internship is mandatory unless the student has previous relevant professional experience. Internship is a very important part of your studies and shall help you get an overview of procedures, tasks, issues and structures in your chosen workfield or specialisation. During your internship you are asked to help finding a solution for a current issue in your workplace. You also have a personal tutor from the University of Applied Sciences, as well as relevant lectures in order to help you find your own solution in a systematic and analytical way. You can complete this internship either in Austria or abroad. Within Europe, the internship is funded by Erasmus+ (Erasmus+ Traineeship). For further information about internship abroad please contact the International Office. For exact details please refer to the relevant degree programme page.

The internships of the faculties Business and Engineering always take place in the 6th semester.

Job offers for your internship can be found in our Online Job Market.

As a point of contact with companies you can visit the Job Fair, Austria’s first University of Applied Sciences recruiting fair, which takes place every year in April/May on Campus Wiener Neustadt, with around 65 exhibitors from the world of business.

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