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Master Training & Sport

The programme enhances your knowledge and understanding of evidence-based scientific principles underpinning performance in training and sport. It develops your understanding of current theory, research and debates in sports science and provides the opportunity to conduct an in-depth study in a chosen area of interest.

The programme is designed to develop the professional and academic skills of graduate sport scientists, with a focus on high-performance (young) athletes. Key aspects of the curriculum are related to training and sports sciences, including monitoring, analysing and evaluating performance, as well as the long-term strategies to develop endurance, strength and team-sports performance. In addition, the programme includes modules to foster your understanding in sports psychology and the impact on coaching strategies. Finally, sport management and marketing modules are provided.

Attendance is typically required on three half-days per week, with no lectures scheduled on evenings or weekends. In accordance with the European Qualifications Framework, the level of study (7 = Master) requires a high level of self-determined, independent study. This especially applies to your research project, which is conducted on an appropriate subject with a supervisor who advise you on issues such as methodology and analysis, but it is your responsibility to plan, organise, conduct, analyse and present the research as required.

Entry requirements:Details
Length:4 Semesters
Organisational form:Part time
Degree:MSc (Master of Sciences in Natural Sciences)

Head of Programme Programme Administration
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